Europe was hit by transport strike: people dissatisfied with the policy of the authorities

 Europe was hit by transport strike: people dissatisfied with the policy of the authoritiesMass strikes, which last year did not abate in Greece, spread to other countries in Europe, Vesti.November 8 will be held in Portugal General strike of transport workers. The unions are dissatisfied with the economic policy of the authorities, in particular, subsidy cuts and mass layoffs.In Italy, the striking bus drivers and taxi drivers. At stations - a huge queue. The protesters do not support the anti-crisis measures of the government - according to them, Silvio Berlusconi has exhausted the limits of trust. They call for the immediate resignation of his Cabinet.In France, the second day not go to work the railroad. Thus, the employees of this region are protesting against EU plans to attract new players to the market of passenger transportation. Читать полностью -->

Before the suicide, the opposition, the national-Bolshevik Dolmatov repented in the Church of the ROC

 Before the suicide, the opposition, the national-Bolshevik Dolmatov repented in the Church of the ROCA member of the Other Russia Alexander Dolmatov, who died in the deportation centre, the Netherlands January 17, in his suicide note he repented of his evil way of life in recent years. The opposition leader, who had fled the country in search of political asylum, wrote about the use of drugs, depravity and lack of self-development.Stupid and pointless was my last years. Full of drug abuse and debauchery. Laziness, narcissism, adultery didn't allow me to evolve, " the Newspaper quoted an excerpt from the suicide note, the full text of which, according to the publication, was at the disposal of edition. On the next page Dolmatov requests, if possible, to send his body after death to Russia, the Newspaper said.Earlier, relatives of the opposition, in particular, his mother, expressed doubts about the authenticity of the suicide note, excerpts from which were published by journalist Oleg Kashin. In the text, got to the correspondent, there were a lot of grammatical errors, of which the familiar Dolmatova concluded that he thus hinted that perhaps writing dictation. Читать полностью -->

Two influential statesman of Ukraine encourages politicians to read the Bible

 Two influential statesman of Ukraine encourages politicians to read the BibleAmong six of the most popular leaders of political parties in Ukraine ahead of the parliamentary elections which were interviewed by the magazine "Correspondent", the two tell their party members to read the Bible.This is the head of the United opposition "Batkivshchyna" Arseniy Yatsenyuk (former speaker of Parliament) and the leader of the Party of regions, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, reports Christian Telegraph"Reporter" asked a politician has 10 similar questions, among which was the question: "What three books would you recommend, be sure to read my party members and why?".Arseniy Yatsenyuk first book called the Bible because "it is useful". Along with it, he advises "Audacity of hope" by President Barack Obama and "the Prince" by Niccolo Machiavelli. "Although politicians probably a better option: the Bible, the Constitution, and then the choice is Obama or Machiavelli", — stressed the head of the United opposition.In turn, Prime Minister of Ukraine advised not only to read, but to reread the Bible because "there are many wise and valuable to today's life". Thus, Azarov advised not to limit myself to three books, and to read as much as possible.In addition to Yatsenyuk and Azarov on the issues magazine said Petro Symonenko, the leader of the Communist party of Ukraine, Oleh Tyahnybok is the leader of all-Ukrainian Association "Freedom", Natalia Korolevska, the leader of the party "Ukraine — Forward!" and Vitali Klitschko is the leader of "UDAR".We will remind, earlier it was reported that the Parliament elected from party "Green planet" the Bishop of the Association of Evangelical churches of the Ukrainian Missionary Church and pastor of the "Christian hope" in Kiev Valery Rasminsky; the leader of the Christian youth movement "discovery" Denis Nakonechny; pastor of the Church of Christians of Evangelical faith "Good news" in the city nepolokivtsi Alexander Kalavsky, as well as the pastor of the Church and Dean of the Kiev theological Seminary "Grace and Truth" Viktor Shevchuk.prochurch. . . Читать полностью -->

The media learned of the secret the Kremlin's demands for the forthcoming elections

 The media learned of the secret the Kremlin's demands for the forthcoming electionsThe presidential administration has put before United Russia difficult in the current environment, the task is to repeat in the upcoming parliamentary elections in the regions record in 2007, when the ruling party has received, on average, 64.3 per cent of votes in the country, found the Vedomosti newspaper. The media also got the pre-election theses of United Russia, which will be released on October 19.An official source in the Kremlin did not confirm the statements of prescriptive recommendations, explaining only that, putting before United Russia high level, the presidential administration is focused on party forecasts of election outcomes, which suggests that United Russia party members can vote for up to 60% of Russians.As told the newspaper a person close to the presidential administration to take into account the specificity of regions, they were divided into three groups - places where support for United Russia is weak, focus on 50% of the votes; from territories where United Russia support quite actively, require result in the 55-60%; strong regions should bring into the Treasury of the success of the party not less than 65%.According to a source, instructions to governors to achieve such impressive results give the officials of the Department of internal policy headed by the first Deputy head of presidential administration Vladislav Surkov, and the regional United Russia sets to win the headquarters of the party under the leadership of Sergey Neverov.The newspaper notes that the strong regions include Moscow, Volga and Caucasus Republic. As told Vedomosti on condition of anonymity, two officials of the Moscow city hall, the Prefecture of Moscow has already received the order to ensure that United Russia to 65% of the vote. The prefects have already hinted at a possible resignation in the event of failure in the elections. According to experts, the task of achieving such a result is difficult, but doable - if on elections in Moscow will come all the public sector, with a turnout of 40% they will ensure that United Russia coveted 60% of the vote.At the same time, representatives of the opposition believe that to get to 60-65% in the capital of United Russia will be able only through falsification. This is, in particular, said the leader of Yabloko Sergei Mitrokhin.As difficult as Moscow, to execute the order of the Kremlin will be St. Читать полностью -->

In the ROC I hope Pussy Riot repent, and that they're ready for it

The Chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate Department for cooperation of Church and society Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin believes that one of figurants things about punk prayer in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour Maria Alyokhina has taken an important first step to repentance. He hoped that the other girls soon realize the profound falsehood of their actions.As previously reported, the Tagansky court of Moscow yesterday has again considered all three alleged members of Russian punk band Pussy Riot charged with hooliganism in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, potential offenders, and decided that if they would be released, it may prevent complete investigation of the incident in the temple. Therefore, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Maria Alyokhina and Yekaterina samutsevich will remain in custody until June 24.I hope repentance will occur. One of the defendants, Maria Alyokhina, has made, in my opinion, the first but important step to repentance, - said Chaplin RIA Novosti.In this step the priest counted quoted Maria Alekhine lines from a poem by Osip Mandelstam, which begins with the words Still not reach the Patriarch.Noting the urge to repent, Vsevolod Chaplin nevertheless stressed that this is only the first step on the path to true repentance, since any movement to repentance, and then become a little bit different.I hope that Mary and other women who have recently defended the rightness of punk-prayer, and those who defended it, over time you will understand - there is a deep lie that created a deep moral problem. And the shorter will be the path to repentance and the revaluation of the perfect, the better it will be primarily for people that condone or justify this blasphemy, for their destiny in this life and in the life eternal, " said the priest to the Agency.He added that sincere and true repentance opens the door of forgiveness and mercy of God.Chaplin once again emphasized that the Church was not going to intervene and interfere in the actions or decisions of the investigation and trial. The Agency interlocutor noted that he has his attitude to the situation, which is determined not by the actions of the state and the public and media debate that surrounds the situation.The Church, first and foremost, is to listen to the voice of God himself, who always waits for the repentance of sin. Читать полностью -->

World football: no more sverkhreshetok

Anton Walnut"Financial fair play" can turn into hell the whole world football. His ideologue stands the greatest football player and current President of UEFA Michel Platini. That all seriously and the process went and reported to the head of Department Director of football UEFA development Trevor Brooking, who spoke to CEOs of our clubs at a meeting of the Russian Premier League.The meaning of grandiose venture Platini: living within your means. How will prophesy and has been always not, how many earned so much and will be able to spend. That is, European, and Russian football is requested to immediately begin to do what he never did, and never planned to do.A catalyst for global change research life clubs in Europe during the crisis of 2008-2009. During these two years the total losses of all the teams in the continent increased from about 600 million to more than 1200 million Revenues grew 5%, and spending by almost 10%. Читать полностью -->

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